Marketplace Only

Please note that with immediate effect, and that as a result of 90%+ of all sales over the last eight months coming via the Marketplace, I have now closed the IPD in-world rezzing platform for the foreseeable future.

All IPD items are now only available via the SL Marketplace.

I will consider re-opening the in-world platform if there is a resumption in demand to see items in-world prior to purchase.


In-world move and new look

Please note that the in-world rezzing platform has relocated. If you have any LMs to it, please update – as it might be a long fall to the ground at the old place!

The blog is also in the process of being revised. News will continue to appear here, on the main page, but information on houses and builds is being moved to dedicated pages, which will appear in the PRODUCTS listing on the right, as well as is the menu options at the top of each page.

New product announcements will initially appear on this main page, prior to being moved a dedicated page after a period of 1 or 2 weeks.

Hopefully, this will make things easier to find.

Fallingwater: an example of a custom build

This isn’t a house I actually have for sale, but it does demonstrate my custom build skills. “Fallingwater” is a house I built in Second Life that is modelled on, and inspired by, Frank Lloyd Wright’s house of the same name built for the Kaufmann family in the 1930s.

The house isn’t intended to be a 100% reproduction of the original, but a design that retains the look and feel of the original while offering more practical living space and camming room for avatars.

The furniture – much of it based on that found in the original – is created via sculpts as are the window frames (allowing me to reproduce the original’s unique sliding / opening windows in the Great Room over the river).

The following is a video I made of the house in Second Life:

The house itself is now packed away in SL, but continues to be developed on a full sim of its own over on Kitely, where it is open to visitors.

(Fallingwater on Kitely: Click here to see the slideshow full screen)

If you are interested in a custom home design in SL, drop a comment here, or contact me in Second Life. I’ll also consider custom work within in Kitely as well.

Please note that due to restrictions place on the portrayal and use of models representing Frank Lloyd Wright’s work in virtual worlds, “Fallingwater” itself is not for sale.

Massive price restructuring!

With immediate effect, all ISD house, skyhome, and commercial build prices have been massively restructured.

UNDER L$200:








  • Buckingham: L$1100
  • Blenheim: L$1600

New name

i-Squared Designs is no more, as of 10th October 2010, it is now Inara Pey Designs – or IPD for short.

Essentially, i-Squared was set-up as a partnership between two people; one of whom sadly lost interest very quickly, leaving myself to run the business and its associated websites for the last two-and-a-half years.

I’ve now taken the steps necessary to dissolve the partnership, and thus the change in name and the removal of the less popular items from the i-Squared range. Thus is born IPD – a name and brand that I hope will continue reflect my aims to provide good value houses and skyhomes within Second Life and similar virtual worlds.

To all of you who have supported i-Squared, I’d like to pass on my heartfelt thanks; I hope your support will continue under my new banner.

Inara Pey.

New updates / revisions

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally made time to make some much-needed updates to various builds to both reduce additional prim counts and improve script use.

As of today, the following units are updated and available at the in-world store and on SLM:

  • Galleria: Reduced to some 255 prims for the house and kitchen and 24 prims for the additional breakfast chairs. Script use is a huge 50% reduction while offering improved lighting and window effects.
  • Melbourne: The Melbourne Plus is now discontinued, with the Essential now at 105 prims and including a revised window tinting / indirect lighting system. The Ultimate also includes the new tinting / lighting and is reduced to 157 prims and has a 40% reduction in scripts
  • Caprican: The Caprican House is reduced to 205 prims and features a new “granite” exterior finish, the i-Squared window tinting / indirect lighting system and a 40% reduction in scripts. The Ultimate offers the same improvements, with the house now only 273 prims, while retaining all of the optional extras.

Price Reductions

The following price reductions have been made to the listed i-Squared builds:

Commercial Units:

Tahoma Beach House

I’m pleased to announce the arrival of the Tahoma II Beach houses.

A simple but elegant design, the Tahoma provides superb beach front living for those that want a house that stands out from the crowd.

Finished with a white stucco exterior, rich, dark wood and soft interior colour, the Tahoma offers three comfortably-sized rooms for you to furnish as you wish.

On the ground floor are a front and back room, each with excellent window views, and which are linked by an archway.

Upstairs is a single large bedroom with access via a sliding door to a large front blacony – ideal for those over-the-ocean views!

As is common with most of my houses, the Tahoma includes a lighting system that provides added depth and dimension to the house, and saves you the trouble of having to buy your own lighting sets!

The Tahoma includes a rez-on-demand set of wooden blinds for both the downstairs rooms and the upstairs rooms. Blinds on each floor can be raised or lowered collectively using the house controllers supplied (which also control lighting and tinting in the A model), or individually, allowing you to vary the appearance of each room.

Specifications and Pricing

Prims: 91-107 (with blinds rezzed). Price: L$160

Permissions: Copy / Modify (subject to i-Squared Fair Use License)

Tahoma A: SL Marketplace or
visit my in-world rezzing platform and see it first-hand.